Looking after the pelvic floor 2

My hobby horse.

It is often assumed that women tend towards having hypotonic pelvic floors (loose) and exercises like Kegels to tighten and tone the pelvic floor are essential. And certainly there are times, such as in post natal recovery where restoration of tone in the pelvic floof is important. But hypertonic pelvic floors (tight) are undesirable too, can have repercussions elsewhere in the body and cause difficulties in childbirth.  We need to have a full spectrum of movement in the pelvic floor for good female health for general postural support, for childbirth and for the avoidance of stress incontinence in later life. We need to be able to  relax and let go in addition to tightening and drawing up.

This video from yoga anatomy expert Leslie Kaminoff discusses the anatomical repurcussions of overdoing mula bandha (yoga’s ‘root lock’ – activated by drawing up the ‘middle passage’ in women).His response is to a question from a student quoting advice to maintain ‘a little mula bandha’ at all times. Ouch.


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