Yoga for all women

Well Woman Yoga

Successful women are expected to ‘just get on with it’ despite the physical and emotional fluctuations we naturally experience throughout and beyond our reproductive years. So we juggle work, home, family and relationships often denying or at least making light of the powerful natural cycles of our lives. And we often leave ourselves drained.

Yoga can help.  The physical practice, the enhanced awareness of body, mind and spirit and the stress alleviation that general yoga classes can bring are beneficial to all.

Some exceptional teachers have gone further and sought to reconnect women to their essential female nature through adapted and therapeutic yoga practices.

Penny  has had the privilege to train with the inspirational Uma Dinsmore Tuli in well woman yoga. Uma’s ‘womb yoga’  “enables us to re-connect joyfully with naturally arising inner wisdom, insight and vitality. It is both delicious and profoundly nourishing. It is healing and vitalising.”(

She also draws from her training with YogaMama and the writings of Christine Kent  to devise accessible and appropriate classes for women at different stages in their lives


Yoga for fertility

Becoming more conscious of our own internal rhythms, stretching and opening the body and experiencing deep relaxation all help to nurture, nourish and support the female body.

Research has shown that yoga can help reduce stress and improve chances of conception

Penny ‘s Well Woman class at KnotStressed (Thursdays 7pm -8.30pm) focuses on women’s physical and emotional  health through gentle flowing yoga, breath meditation and yoga nidra. More details here. It is suitable for all women but particularly beneficial for those hoping to conceive, those with menstrual issues or experiencing the peri menopause.

Pregnancy Yoga


Specialist pregnancy  yoga helps to support the profound changes that women go through in pregnancy and childbirth. Gentle appropriate movement, breathing techniques and deep relaxation nurture the body and help prepare the body – and mind –  for childbirth.

Penny teaches two pregnancy yoga classes at KnotStressed in Edinburgh  on Thursdays -a general pregnancy class  5.30 – 6.45pm suitable for those beyond 12 weeks up to birth and a specialist ‘Relax and Breathe third trimester class’ (which combines gentle movement for optimal fetal position with birthing breath and deep relaxation drawing from yoga nidra traditions and hypnobirthing scripts)

Postnatal yogamother-and-baby-1463700250lau

Yoga is a wonderful way to help new mums focus more on themselves after the challenges of childbirth and mothering a new baby.   Yoga helps both to strengthen & heal physically and also  to relax & re energise emotionally. By involving babies, mother and baby classes help build the deep connection with baby and provide a way of  meeting other new mums and babies.

Penny teaches mum and baby yoga at KnotStressed. More details here

Yoga for Menopause


Menopause can be a difficult time. Not only are the physical and emotional symptoms unsettling and confusing (and sometimes downright unpleasant), menopause remains something of a taboo subject. It can also be difficult to access good factual information.

Women experiencing menopausal symptoms will find a warm welcome in Well Woman yoga classes.

Good online factual information and support can be found at Menopause Support UK