Yoga for all women

I continue to be fascinated by the incredible workings of female bodies through menarche to conception, pregnancy, post natal, menopause and beyond. Yoga can be helpful at all these stages in different ways.

Yoga for fertility

Becoming more conscious of our own internal rhythms, stretching and opening the body and experiencing deep relaxation all help to nurture, nourish and support the female body.

Research has shown that yoga can help reduce stress and improve the chances of conception. Penny teaches fertility yoga courses which combine gentle yoga movement with balancing breathwork to bring the bodily systems into harmony and deep relaxation.

Pregnancy Yoga


Specialist pregnancy  yoga helps to support the profound changes that women go through in pregnancy and childbirth. Gentle appropriate movement, breathing techniques and deep relaxation nurture the body and help prepare the body – and mind –  for childbirth.

Penny now teaches pregnancy yoga classes online -a general pregnancy class on Tuesdays  5.30 – 6.45pm suitable for those beyond 12 weeks up to birth and a specialist ‘Relax and Breathe third trimester class’ on Thursdays 5.30 – 6.45pm (which combines gentle movement for optimal fetal position with birthing breath and deep relaxation drawing from yoga nidra traditions and hypnobirthing scripts)

Postnatal yogamother-and-baby-1463700250lau

Yoga is a wonderful way to help new mums focus more on themselves after the challenges of childbirth and mothering a new baby.   Yoga helps both to strengthen & heal physically and als to relax & re energise emotionally.

It can also help with some of the issues that can arise postnatally – like diastasis recti (divided abs), pelvic floor issues and sore backs and shoulders. Penny teaches postnatal workshops online – providing an opportunity for new mums to have a little bit of ‘me time’ to address these physical issues and to have time to relax