Yoga Nidra

IMG_0778All Being Yoga recommends  yoga nidra as a wonderfully beneficial and delicious practice for everyone.

Yoga nidra nourishes and nurtures the whole mind/body by promoting deep relaxation. It is ‘adaptogenic’in that it can be beneficial in lots of different circumstances. It brings deep relaxation, can help people to sleep , can help access creativity and intuition and is used in therapeutic settings to help relieve many health issues. 

Nidra means, in translation, sleep. But yoga nidra is not sleep as we normally know it, rather a deep state of consciousness when we are neither asleep nor awake but experience total physical, mental and emotional relaxation. Even a short nidra can be beneficial.

Nidra has its roots in ancient yoga teachings but has been found to be valid and effective by modern psychologists and neuroscientists. Modern research suggests that some of the processes used in nidra (e.g. yogic breathing techniques and the rotation of awareness around the body) are ideally designed to calm the mind and to create a sense of pleasantness and well being.

Penny has been trained in yoga nidra facilitation by the Yoga Nidra Network which supports and promotes this wonderful practice in the UK and further afield. She uses short nidras  in some general classes to provide deep relaxation but also in some very specific group and individual settings to relieve anxiety and sleeplessness. She also finds it particularly beneficial in  pre natal and fertility yoga.

Come along  to Deep Chill Yoga at KnotStressed, now online, monthly on Friday evenings. Or get in touch using the contact form below to enquire about an individual yoga nidra.

Online yoga nidras

A number of free audio yoga nidra downloads have been made available by the Yoga Nidra Network and can be found here. These are guided relaxations with varied themes and purposes. Some are more yoga/spiritually oriented than others. Some are designed for specific purposes, such as for anxiety, pain management, pregnancy, childbirth ….or just sending you into a peaceful sleep.

Make sure you are warm and comfortable and unlikely to be disturbed before embarking on one. You might feel a little ‘spaced out’ on completion, so don’t spring into action straight away. Taking a few minutes to come round, rubbing / massaging hands and feet, eating something sweet (a piece of dark chocolate is ideal!) can all help.